The Story

Pickles is a very happy French bulldog who lives in a big, beautiful house. He has a lot toys and gets tons of attention from his two papas. Life for Pickles is just perfect….. until Ocho arrives.

Pickles + Ocho 

Pickles + Ocho is the heartwarming story of two adorable French bulldogs learning to be brothers and a non-traditional family opening its arms to a new member.


Pickles + Ocho

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The adventures of Pickles + Ocho continue as Pickles faces new challenges when the family moves to a new house. Ocho and the papas are sure to step in and help Pickles navigate his way.


You will fall in love with Pickles and Ocho!



Wonderful book , adorable story and great artwork!



Beautifully illustrated, poignant story telling!



Five stars


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